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Great food at great prices

Craig, 20 Oct 2020

Very good service

Emily, 20 Oct 2020

Very good service

Emily, 20 Oct 2020

Love squisitos pizza!

Laura, 16 Oct 2020

Generally very good pizzas. We had a time where we had some egg shells and some chicken bones in one pizza but otherwise they've been great.

Matt, 15 Oct 2020

Excellent pizza, really hot and fresh. A small omission in our order was dealt with speedily without any delay. We will be ordering again.

Clara, 15 Oct 2020

Website customer experience is really good. Order took an hour to arrive (1 pizza and 1 pasta) which goes against us ordering here for something quick to eat. Food is good.

Hattie, 13 Oct 2020

Excellent fast service and delicious pizza, thank you.

Alba, 11 Oct 2020

Amazing as always

Matthew, 11 Oct 2020

Steak Stromboli is very nice

Kalon, 11 Oct 2020


T, 10 Oct 2020

Always the best food in town

Charlie, 08 Oct 2020

Good food !

Daniel, 08 Oct 2020

I love the food from this place. Take-away home cooking.

Mags, 05 Oct 2020

Many thanks

Maud, 04 Oct 2020

Can I get a receipt with the order please

Paul, 03 Oct 2020

Amazing food, we really enjoyed it.

Katie, 03 Oct 2020

Love squizitos

Isabelle, 02 Oct 2020


Superb as always!! Proper authentic food.

Christina, 30 Sep 2020

Beautiful fresh homemade food.

Jenn, 29 Sep 2020


Nena, 29 Sep 2020


I really enjoyed it amazing

Giuseppe, 27 Sep 2020

Yum yum

Daniel, 27 Sep 2020

Amazing food and amazing service

Rollings, 26 Sep 2020

Top quality! Authentic italian pizza

Guilherme, 25 Sep 2020

Very good

Aesha , 24 Sep 2020